Does Delayed Justice Mean Justice Denied?

We have often come across a lot of movies and serials where the investigation agencies do an exceptional job in solving the most complex of cases. So, is it the same case when it comes to investigating the issues in reality by these investigation agencies? This question has been the topic of debates whenever judgements regarding certain criminal offences are made.

The Allahabad High Court on 12th October 2017 gave its verdict on the AarushiTalwar murder case in favour of the Talwar couple. It declared that due to lack of evidence the couplewould  be given a benefit of doubt and that they should be acquitted. Nine years have gone by, but the CBI hasn’t yet zeroed on who actually killed the 14-year old.

A number of cases like those of the murder of Ayesha Miran in the year 2007, NarendraDhabolkar in the year 2013, the mysterious death of SunandaPushkar, the murder of  GovindPansare in the year 2015, Sister Abhaya in the year 2015 still remain unsolved.

In some of the murder cases including that of rationalists like NarendraDhabolkar and GovindPansare, the investigation agencies had offered a reward in cash prize for those who would bring any information regarding the murderers. This could be an issue of major concern now. Are these investigation agencies trying to get their work done by offering bribe in the form of rewards?

The delay made by these investigation agencies could be because of a number of reasons, but then at the end of the day, justice delayed is justice denied.



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