Most Patriotic Independence Day Message 2015

We’re going to celebrate 69th Independence day. We Indians are pleased to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day. We all say that we are proud Indians, but do you ever think why?

Here I want to quote a line from Sadhguru’s message as follows,

Nations are largely built on the identity of religion, race, caste, creed or language. But we are a nation which is a multiplicity of religions, races, ethnicities, castes, creeds and languages. We are the most complex and unique nation, and we have been a nation for over 10,000 years.

Never forget the blood shed by our forefathers for our Freedom. Never forget who we are and how we got here. Our freedom was “snatched” and not “given” and it’s because of our freedom fighters that today we are enjoying are freedom.


We all belong to the blood of freedom fighters; stand united to remember them today. Let every patriot be honored, don’t let politics get in the way. Without them, freedom would have died, what they did, we can’t repay.

Thousands laid down their lives so that our country can celebrate this day, never forget their sacrifices. Always teach the little children, stories of our freedom’s fights, let them know that many were broken to give them sleep without frights.

Take at least a minute today, to stand and sing the national anthem. Touch The Ground And Feel The Freedom. There Is Nothing Better Than Being Free.

We the youth of India should take the pledge that till our last breath. We will fight terrorism; we will protect our mother INDIA with all we have.

Always keeps the spirit of patriotism growing within you. Happy Independence Day



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