An Open Letter To Yakub Menon Sympathisers: Know Some Facts

Do you think hanging Yakub Menon is injustice? Yes, because it is too late to hang a terrorist who killed 257 innocent people.

Are you against Hanging Yakub Menon? Don’t you ever think about those victims whom he massacred on the streets?

M_Id_368645_Religious_fanaticism Mumbai-Blasts-13-July

Can’t You Feel the Pain of Victims?

What’s the Problem with Our Muslims who are against this move?

Muslims Mindset

Abdul Kalam or Yakub Menon?

A question for all muslim brotherhood: For whose death you’re bothering about? A terrorist who killed 257 innocent people or the Great Abdul Kalam? Stop supporting terrorists just because he belongs to your religion.

How many Muslims Gathered for Abdul Kalam’s funeral & How many for Yakub’s funeral?

Yakub or Abdul Kalam?

Some Facts to Know Before You Speak Bullshit:


Yakub Menon


Some Great Tweets I found in Twitter:




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