#StayStrongNepal: A Letter To The Nepalis From India

#GoHomeIndianMedia is trending in Social Media and the frustrated Nepalis are expressing their views on Indian media in #NepalEarthquake crisis.



We Indians understand your frustration on some mindless Indian media groups. You guys might pissed off by our some media groups as we did with some of our bullshit media houses. We sincerely apologize for this mindless act of our Indian Media.

In mean time, some people are started blaming our India’s efforts and try to put the whole thing as Nepalis didn’t get any help from India. (Pakistanis and Chinese are joined this discussion and started these shitty comments)

You people are really insane. From the day Nepal get hit by earthquake, Our Indian Army, 20000 RSS people, 100,000 food packets from our Golden Temple and most of us are donating through various channels to help our nepalis brotherhood. Don’t try to defame our country. We Indians have brotherly feeling with Nepal. Nepalis can come to India and get jobs without any restrictions in India. And, I know some of Nepalis work in our Govt jobs as we Indians are not having Govt Jobs here. This is how India treats Nepalis as their own brothers and sisters. Hope you guys do some research before you say something about the help you’re getting from India.

This article is not for showcasing our help to our Nepalis, but because of we Indians are really sad about this propaganda created by some of the Nepali Media and other neighbor barking dogs.

Common people from Nepal knows how Indians are helping them. And, we Indians always there for our Nepal brothers and sisters. #StayStrongNepal. JaiHind (y)



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